18 June 2019

by PTI Marketing | Jun 18, 2019

Deerfield Beach, Florida

People’s Trust Insurance, a Florida-based home insurance company, has partnered with Mendez & Associates Insurance, the Broward Latin American Association of Insurance (LAAIA), and LifeNet4Families for a month-long clothing drive to collect clothes for families living in Broward County that are faced with issues of homelessness and poverty. Donated clothes will go directly to those that need it the most through LifeNet4Families.

LifeNet4Families, a Broward County charitable organization, serves approximately 6,000 individuals and their families annually. Their important work aims to help individuals and families that are facing hardships. LifeNet’s mission is to provide a seamless system of care for those in need in Broward County through necessary food, ancillary services and referrals. “Our goal is to provide wrap-around service for our clients, and help them regain and maintain stability.  The generosity behind this clothing drive speaks volumes of our community’s strength and willingness to help those in need during a moment of crisis,” said Carolina Lopez, LifeNet4Families Director of Development and Community Relations.

The Broward LAAIA has made LifeNet4Families their charity of choice for the past several years. And, they work year-round to provide critical support for families in need from clothing drives to canned food collections. Barry Sanders, President of Broward LAAIA and Owner of Knight Insurance stated, “I became involved in LifeNet4Families through Andy’s Pasta Dinner 16 years ago. At that time, I was able to see all the good that LifeNet4Families does, but how needy they are in terms of volunteers and funds. Since that time, I have made LifeNet4Families our charity of choice. I’m proud to be part of the solution here in Broward County!"

Former President of the Broward LAAIA and VP of Mendez & Associates Insurance said, “We have been working with LifeNet4Families for several years and this year we invited People’s Trust, a partner carrier of Mendez & Associates Insurance, to get involved in this great and important organization. They immediately were onboard to help in any way they could,” said Al Mendez VP of Mendez & Associates Insurance.

Mendez added, “People’s Trust and Mendez & Associates Insurance are located in Broward County, Florida, this is our home, this is our community, and we are proud to make a difference together.”

“When the boxes were placed in the lobby of People’s Trust it didn’t take more than a day for them to be overflowing. Our employees wanted to help – and help they did- all together, we collected 25 extra-large bags of clothes and shoes for men, women, and children,” said Jonathan Hollander, Managing Director of Agency Sales. Hollander added, “We are dedicated to making a difference in our community.”

To learn more about LifeNet4Families visit https://www.lifenet4families.org/portal/home.

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