28 June 2019

by PTI Marketing | Jun 28, 2019

Employees at People’s Trust Insurance, a Florida-based home insurance company, head-quartered in Deerfield Beach, have built sheds to donate within the Deerfield community.

To gain a better understanding of building materials, timing, and work that is required when a homeowner files a claim and the repairs that are required, People’s Trust Claims Adjusters have been working together in small teams in an exercise to learn how to build a shed.

Broward County Sheriff Officers posing in front of shed

“When we first created this program we thought about how to better serve our employees and deepen their knowledge base, and also, how we could utilize these sheds here in the Deerfield Community to do some good,” said Dan Guilfoyle, Chief Claims Officer for People’s Trust Insurance.

Brooke Hasson, Marketing Communications Director said, “We reached out to our partners at the Broward Sheriff’s Office and invited them to come see the first shed we built. We wanted their help in determining who would best be served to receive these sheds.”

Deputy Dennis Rolle of the Broward Sheriff’s Office came out to see the shed and helped People’s Trust secure homes for both sheds. One shed will live at the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Deerfield Beach for sheltering dogs that were found lost, unwanted or abused. The second shed will go to Deerfield Beach Community High School and serve to provide shelter from the hot sun when the students are participating in athletics on the field.

Hasson added, “We are proud to partner with our community, and we are glad that our shed will continue to do good past the shelf-life of our training exercises.”

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