14 October 2016

by People’s Trust Insurance | Oct 14, 2016

JACKSONVILLE WTLV— The following WTLV report tells the story of the unparalleled commitment to preparedness and responsiveness by the People’s Trust and Rapid Response Team when disaster strikes.

Last week Matthew struck Florida and caused severe damage throughout the state, leaving thousands of people without power and homes in disarray. Our efforts during this past week are continued proof of our unparalleled commitment to preparedness and responsiveness when disaster strikes. 


Founded in 2008, People’s Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida’s top 10 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable rates and benefits not available anywhere else.  Honored with the 2013 Enterprise Florida Governor’s Innovators in Business Award, People’s Trust provides a “Better Way” for more than 150,000 Floridians to insure their homes.  With more than 600 employees in its family of companies and an affiliation with Florida’s largest restoration general contractor, People’s Trust is Florida’s best-prepared home insurance company and a full partner in policyholders’ recovery after loss.