People’s Trust Insurance Completes Reinsurance Purchase

on June 1, 2023

People’s Trust Insurance, a leading provider of homeowners insurance in Florida, proudly announces the successful completion of its reinsurance purchase for the upcoming season. The company has secured its main tower and obtained comprehensive coverage that surpasses last year’s purchase in proportion to its book size.

The completion of the reinsurance purchase showcases People’s Trust Insurance’s commitment to risk management and its strong financial position. Despite the current challenging market conditions, the company’s strong financials and proactive business model played a crucial role in securing a robust reinsurance program. This program will further enhance People’s Trust’s ability to remain a solid force in the market, providing reliable coverage and service to its policyholders.

George Schaeffer, CEO and President of People’s Trust Insurance, expressed his confidence in the successful completion of the reinsurance purchase, stating, “While it is a very expensive year for reinsurance, our solid financial position and innovative business model helped secure an impressive program. This program will not only bolster our stability but also ensure our ability to deliver exceptional service to our customers.”

People’s Trust Insurance is known for its innovative approach to the insurance industry and its unwavering commitment to policyholders. By proactively managing risk and adapting to market conditions, the company consistently demonstrates its ability to evolve and thrive in a dynamic environment. The completion of this reinsurance purchase reaffirms the company’s dedication to its mission and strengthens its position as a trusted leader in the Florida insurance market.

About People’s Trust Insurance:

People’s Trust Insurance is a leading provider of homeowners insurance in the state of Florida. Committed to innovation, proactive risk management, and unsurpassed preparedness, their “Better Way” delivers reliable protection to policyholders and enables them to serve as a full partner in their policyholder’s recovery after a loss.

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