06 August 2015

by People’s Trust Insurance | Aug 06, 2015

People’s Trust Insurance Adds Expert Insight to CFO Roundtable Discussion

~ Steve Martindale Contributes to South Florida Business Journal Panel ~

 Deerfield Beach, Fla. – In keeping with its commitment to provide indispensable, timely news and information for businesses and readers, the South Florida Business Journal introduced a quarterly CFO roundtable initiative in early 2015. By hand-selecting exclusive groups of CFO leaders in the South Florida community to participate in the discussion, South Florida Business Journal editors and reporters were able to gain insight into the dynamic organizational role of the CFO.

On Thursday morning, the third such panel discussion of its kind was held at the South Florida Business Journal offices in Fort Lauderdale. Along with almost a dozen other esteemed CFOs, Steve Martindale of People’s Trust Insurance Company lent his expertise to the 90-minute discussion. The participation of People’s Trust in the roundtable panel added the fast-rising company to a list of notable organizations such as Citrix, Moss Construction, Modernizing Medicine, Berger Singerman and others.

Martindale, a Florida homeowners insurance expert with 30 years of executive management and financial regulatory experience in the industry, was ideally suited to speak on the topic of preventing or mitigating impacts of unforeseen threats to businesses.

“At People’s Trust, we’re keenly aware of the potential impact that hazards such as hurricanes or power outages can have on a company’s ability to function – and on its bottom line,” said Martindale. “These are the same dangers that threaten our policyholders. But with our intense focus on preparation and rapid response, we’re ready before any weather event and prepared to help our policyholders recover after a disaster.”

People’s Trust Insurance has emerged as an industry leader, and with more than 140,000 policyholders is ranked among the top 10 home insurance carriers in the Sunshine State. In 2013, People’s Trust received the Enterprise Florida Governor’s Innovators in Business Award for its pioneering approach. The company’s affiliate, the Rapid Response Team, has 10 Response Centers around the state stocked with millions of dollars’ worth of emergency recovery supplies that can immediately be deployed in the event of a disaster.

“When we all join together to discuss these issues, we can collectively prepare for threats to both businesses and individual Floridians,” said Martindale. “We’ve shaped our business model around such preparation and rapid response, and it’s made a tangible difference in the lives of our policyholders.”

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About People’s Trust Insurance

Founded in 2008, People’s Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida’s top 10 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable rates and benefits not available anywhere else. Honored with the 2013 Enterprise Florida Governor’s Innovators in Business Award, People’s Trust provides a “Better Way” for more than 140,000 Floridians to insure their homes. With more than 600 employees in our family of companies and an affiliation with Florida’s largest insurance restoration general contractor, People’s Trust is Florida’s best-prepared home insurance company and a full partner in our policyholders’ recovery after loss.