30 January 2019

by PTI Marketing | Jan 30, 2019

Amy Rosen at FAU

BOCA RATON, Fla. –  Florida Atlantic University (FAU) invited Amy Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer of People’s Trust Insurance as a guest lecturer to present her expertise in job searching, networking, and LinkedIn. She met with the students on January 28, 2019 in the Business Communications class of Dr. Mary Kay Boyd.

“As students prepare for a life and career, it’s so critical that they understand the importance of networking and digital networking. LinkedIn is the preferred Social Networking site for recruiting, so it’s imperative that students forge a strong presence on the platform,” said Amy Rosen.

Rosen covers the basics of the purpose of LinkedIn, how to build a presence on the platform, and how employers and recruiters utilize it to look for candidates. She explains how building your professional brand in person and online begins with leveraging the relationships of people you know and who you meet along the way. Her goal, to help students prepare for their next steps in life and to help them be better prepared candidates in this increasingly competitive business environment. 

Dr. Boyd added, “Preparing undergraduate students to enter and move up in the job market is critical to FAU’s mission, so we appreciate Amy’s sharing her professional perspective with our students—they enjoyed her lively presentation and said she gave them many valuable tips.”

About Amy Rosen

As Chief Marketing Officer for People’s Trust Insurance, and a member of the Executive Committee, Amy Rosen brings over 25 years of top-level advertising experience at New York and Chicago firms with international clients, as well as extensive experience running the marketing departments of several national corporations. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree with a dual major in Government and American Studies, with a concentration in Business, from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.

About People’s Trust Insurance Company

Founded in 2008, People’s Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida’s top 15 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable rates and benefits not available anywhere else. Honored with the Enterprise Florida Governor’s Innovators in Business Award, People’s Trust provides a “Better Way” for over 110,000 Floridians to insure their homes. With more than 500 employees in its family of companies and an affiliation with Florida’s largest residential insurance restoration general contractor, People’s Trust is Florida’s best-prepared home insurance company and a full partner in their policyholders’ recovery after loss.